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Billboards cannot be turned off, ignored or thrown away unopened and remain the only 24/7 form of advertising.  Located on key highways, intersections and main arteries into major cities, billboards are an advertising mainstay. Choose a permanent billboard for directional or point-of-purchase purposes or for brand awareness. Or rotate your billboard advertisement to different locations every couple of months for maximum exposure to a variety of customers. Regardless of how you decide to implement your advertising program, billboards make help you penetrate any market.

Digital displays are the future of outdoor advertising. The latest LED technology draws attention providing a high profile approach to delivering your advertising message. Digital displays typically hold your message for 10 seconds and the number of advertisers per display varies.  Some advertisers decide to dominate a display by showing different ads on the same LED board.  Additionally, digital displays offer options never before available to outdoor advertising; networking capabilities, daypart selection and static or fully animated creative in some markets. Advertising messages can easily be changed with a simple electronic file download…No costly crews, vinyls, or production costs.

Click below to see a few of our billboard locations around the US.

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Industry News:

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    Eighty percent of US adults believe digital billboards help alert drivers of important information and a similar percentage disagrees with efforts to ban billboards, according to a new survey from Opinion Research Corporation (ORC). ...Read More




A sampling of our metro locations:

City, ST





Atlantic City, NJ 300 N. Georgia Ave (Expressway Connector) Static


14' x 48'
Atlanta, GA 1824 NE Expressway (I-85) Digital


23' x 22.6'
Wilmington, DE I-495 s/o Terminal Ave Static


14' x 48'